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Welcome! This is an experiment, a shared notepad on mathematical topics in the scientific study of consciousness.

Much like the nLab, the idea is that this wiki could offer a space to share notes, thoughts, definitions and ideas. It is dedicated primarily to formal/mathematical topics in the scientific study of consciousness, but topics from philosophy, neuroscience and other disciplines are very welcome as well. Throughout the beginning stages of this experiment, you're encouraged to submit summaries of your own scientific work on the topic.

Our Main Authors page lists all those which have made a noteworthy contribution to this wiki. We're very much looking forward to expanding this list! :-)

Existing entries

Here is an automated list of existing entries in this wiki. You can also check the Special:RecentChanges page to see recent modifications. And you can click on the tiny star right next to the "edit" button to watch a page, i.e. to get notifications in case it is being changed. To create a new page, simply type the name into the search bar above and click on the name to create the page. A list of users can be found here, click on "contribs" to see their respective contributions.


The overall goal of this experiment is to catalyse exchange between researchers who are working on mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness, and to help make good science possible. The hope is that this wiki can be a resource for information concerning formal approaches, and eventually maybe also a place where ideas can be exchanged. It's basically just a big community notebook.

Here are a few examples of the kind of posts that are very welcome:

  • Posts on concepts that are used in the scientific study of consciousness, which summarize parts of the literature, collect various conceptions or say something on how something could best be formalized.
  • Posts which review the essential formal structure of existing theories of consciousness.
  • Posts which outline research projects that are being carried out.


For now, the only guidelines should be the usual friendliness, an open-minded atmosphere and, most of all, the dedication to high scientific quality. Here are a few additional thoughts:

  • Your contributions don't have to be perfect. The nice thing about community projects is that others might add to your initial notes, improving your presentation and clarifying the concepts. So if you feel the urge to add something, don't hesitate to do so even if your text is not polished up. Our major goal is to have high scientific standards of quality, but this is fully compatible with initial presentations being preliminary and incomplete.
  • If you see something wrong or imprecise on a page, simply change it. If there is something substantial you don't agree with, briefly check the "Discussion" tab at the top of the page to see if this matter has been discussed before. If not, simply change the content of the page to what you think is correct. Please also don't forget to provide summaries of your changes in the corresponding summary field in case an edit is not minor.
  • We'd like to emphasize that this wiki shouldn't be a place where people "sell" their own work. You're very much invited to create summaries of your work and refer to it on relevant pages, but that should be within the usual reasonable limits.

We remark that in case there is an excessive violation of guidelines from some account, it might have to be deactivated. This is so in particular if an account repeatedly posts wrong or misleading information (confusing or invalid ways to think about concepts, e.g.).

How to join

For now, everybody with at least five published papers (any discipline) is invited to join this wiki. Simply send an email to seminar at math-consciousness dot org. In case you're a PhD student, you're welcome to join as well. Please send us an email with a brief summary of the content you would like to provide initially (or the changes you would like to make to existing content).


In case you experience any technical issues, please send us an email (cf. above) and/or click "edit" and add it to the list below.

  • There still seem to be cases of session data being lost upon submitting content. Johannes is working on fixing this.


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