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Any proposals for additional guidelines? --Johannes Kleiner (talk) 16:13, 12 June 2020 (CEST)

Copy-pasting previous parts of the main page, as at present it seems too pretentious to aim for these tings:

Welcome! This is an experiment, a shared notepad on mathematical topics in the scientific study of consciousness.

Much like our idol, the nLab, the idea is that this wiki offers a space for us to share notes, thoughts, definitions and ideas. It is dedicated primarily to formal/mathematical topics in the scientific study of consciousness, but topics from philosophy, neuroscience and other disciplines are very welcome as well. In the beginning stages of this experiment, we explicit encourage people to submit summaries of their own scientific work on the topic (cf. our guidelines below).

This wiki's overall goal is to catalyse exchange between researchers who are working on mathematical approaches in the scientific study of consciousness, and to help make good science possible. The hope is that it can be both a resource for information concerning formal approaches, but also a place where ideas can be exchanged. It's basically just a big community notebook.

Here are a few examples of the kind of posts that are very welcome:

  • Posts on concepts that are used in the scientific study of consciousness, which summarize parts of the literature, collect various conceptions or say something on how something could best be formalized.
  • Posts which review the essential formal structure of existing theories of consciousness.
  • Posts which outline research projects that are being carried out.